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Jan_Maresh_9282-FinalUse-99048Hey there, I’m Jan.  I’m a sales professional and a best-selling For Dummies author.  I’ve sold thousands of books and then leveraged that into $Millions in sales of related products and services.  Looking back, it’s hard to believe this was even possible.  But I’ll tell you exactly how I did this (and how you can, too) on my About Page and my Speaking Page.

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If you’re a coach, speaker, or seasoned business owner who has your marketing in place and knows that speaking is the fastest, easiest way to leverage your time and expertise … we need to talk.

If you’ve been speaking as a way to market your business and are coming away empty-handed…we need to talk.

If you KNOW speaking is the best way to get more clients and are scared to death to speak at the front of the room…we need to talk.

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What they have to say…

  • "I initially decided that I wanted to work with Jan because I was having some challenges finding prospects for my training programs. Jan was great to work with – upbeat, fun, and supportive—but she also kicked my butt when I needed it. She helped me with a step-by-step process, email and call scripting, and most importantly, gave me clarity on how to create my own audiences for my marketing efforts. She cared deeply about my progress and was generous with her suggestions and her help, over-delivering and following up after our sessions. She gave me the encouragement and the push I needed to schedule, plan, and fill my marketing presentations. I’ve now led three sessions and am looking forward to ramping up the process. Thanks Jan. I appreciate your great coaching!"
    Ida Shessel,
  • "I met Jan at an event and it turned out she was teaching exactly what I was needing and it felt like we were old friends immediately. Working with Jan has really accelerated my progress. In less than 1 month, I have gone from ‘no clue’ to ready to host my first talk thanks to her Talk For Profit Sales System.  She’s a ‘hands-on, get-your-hands-dirty, in-the-trenches-with-you kind of coach and she has changed my life.”
    Carla Schwille,
  • "Jan has gone above and beyond to help me with my webinar. She's given me specific and detailed feedback. Teaching me the why as we go. Your patience and talent is amazing Jan. Thank you for your help."
    Angie Spiteri, Time Equals Money

Rewrite Your History – Listen to the Free Podcast Now!

Rewrite Your History – Listen to the Free Podcast Now!

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